Cosmetic Teeth Whitening

Welcome future technician. In this course you will learn the theory and process of cosmetic teeth whitening. We will cover our history, how teeth whitening works, legislation, types of staining and so much more. By the end of this course you will be a certified, Finally White, teeth whitening specialist and able to offer this lucrative service in your new or existing business.  This is a comprehensive course that will cover all sorts of helpful material and is constantly evolving and expanding. The more we learn as this industry evolves, the more you will learn! You will have ongoing access to this curriculum for one year so you can come back and review it at any time in addition to see any newly added modules.

123 Lessons

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An introduction to teeth whitening


A quick overview of your lesson plan and what will be covered.

Learn About:

About Us

Who is Finally White?

About our Process

About our process

Our teeth whitening light

How is our light different?

Our Guarantee

We guarantee our products!

About Expectations

Chapter 1: Products

Our Gels

Our Gels

Blended Gel

24k Gold Gel

24K Gold Gel - Specifications

*NEW* Introduction to NEW 2024 Gels

*NEW* PAP Formula

PAP: Ideal Clients

*NEW* Fusion Formulas

Fusion 16%

Fusion 36%

Deep Scrub Swabs

Deep Scrub Swabs

Deep Scrub Swabs - Chemical Makeup

Deep Scrub Swabs - Double the results

Deep Scrub Swabs - Even less chance of sensitivity

Deep Scrub Swabs - Candidates

Deep Scrub Swabs - How to

Deep Scrub Swabs - 3ml Syringe

Chapter 2: Your Kits and Supplies

Your Starter Kits

Your Supplies

Product Guide

Cheek Retractors

Storing Supplies

Chapter 3: Introduction

Intro to Theory

Hygiene and Safety


So, what is teeth whitening?

An appropriate accelerator

The gist of the teeth whitening procedure

Custom application, custom results

Whitening VS Bleaching

Hydrogen VS Carbamide

Hydrogen vs Carbamide Part 2

Who can get teeth whitening done?

Candidates and Expectations

Important overview of ideal candidates for teeth whitening and reviewing expectations before an appointment.

How white can you go?

Understanding shade guides

To use or not to use?

Treatment Times

Treatment Plans

Chapter 4: Tooth Structure

Tooth Structure

Tooth Structure 2

Tooth Structure 3

What is surface staining?

Whitening with Invisalign

Chapter 5: How does Teeth Whitening Work

How does teeth whitening work?

Part One

How does teeth whitening work?

Part Two

How does teeth whitening work?

Part Three

Chapter 6: The Whitening Process

What happens during whitening?

The Oxidization Process

The Oxidization Process 2

Chapter 7: Staining

Types of Staining

Extrinsic vs Intrinsic

What causes staining?


Starting Color

Translucency & Thinness

Eating Habits


Drugs & Chemicals

Grinding & Trauma

Poor Oral Hygiene


Dental Materials

Genetics & Environments

Staining Conclusion

Chapter 8: Other Systems

Other types of teeth whitening

Understanding the Distinction: LED vs. LASER in Teeth Whitening

Chapter 9: What happens After

Post Whitening


More Aftercare Tips

Aftercare Products

Aftercare Products - Instructions for use

Aftercare Video

Touch Ups / Maintenance

How often can a client get whitening?

An important lesson on how often a client get professional teeth whitening treatments


Chapter 10: Risks & Exlusions

Risks and Exclusions

The 1% Chance of Sensitivity

Pain & Discomfort

Gum Irritation & Technicolor

Broken/Cracked Teeth

Fact Check & Review

Fact Checks

FC: Color

FC: Permanent

FC: Permanent 2

FC: Common Myths

FC: White Spots

Sanitization, Sterilization & Disinfection

Sanitization, Sterilization & Disinfection Copy



Final Chapter


Consent Forms

Covid Waiver

16% HP Waiver

Suggesting Pricing

Accepting Payments

How To Order Supplies

Storing During A Heatwave

Procedure Detail


Procedure & Quiz

Procedure Video

Bonus Modules - More on Tray Systems

Why trays are not recommended

WTANR: Reason 1 (Too Much Gel)

WTANR: Reason 2 (Whitening the right teeth)

WTANR: Reason 3 (Not all teeth are the same)

WTANR: Reason 4 (Saliva)

If you must...

Tips & Tricks