Cosmetic Tooth Jewelry

Welcome future tooth gem artist. In this course you will learn the theory and process of cosmetic tooth jewelry as well as tips, tricks and secrets that I have amassed over the years and the thousands of gems I have done. This course is designed to help you master your own special technique when using our products. This is a comprehensive course that will cover all sorts of content and is constantly evolving and expanding. The more we learn as this industry evolves, the more you will learn! You will have ongoing access to this curriculum for one year so you can come back and review it at any time in addition to see any newly added modules.

63 Lessons

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63 Lessons in Cosmetic Tooth Jewelry:



Unauthorized Use/Sharing

Disclaimer of Medical & Legal Liability


A Brief History

What are modern tooth gems?

How long do they last?

More on Longevity

Fillings & Porous Teeth

What Crystals Are Used?

Crystals & Gold Gems

Stone Sizes


Preciosa & Serinity

Where to get gold gems

Other Gold Gem Providers

❌ NEVER use Gold Plated Tooth Gems


Intro into products


Etchant Gel

Curing Lights

Proper care of curing lights

Cheek Retractors

Who can get tooth gems?

Who can get teeth gems?

Invisalign & Retainers

Pregnant & Breastfeeding


Before Application


The Process of applying a Tooth Gem

Keeping a tooth dry

The difference between Universal & Semi

Temporary/Universal Bond

Temporary Application

Semi Permanent Bond

Semi Perm Application

Tooth Gem After Care & Removal

Locking in Gems

Etching & Adhesives

Etching Veneers/Composites

Tooth Discoloration

Whitening & Gems

Technique & Tips

Common Questions

Reasons a gem falls off:

Tooth Gem Complications

Sanitization, Sterilization & Disinfection

Sanitization, Sterilization & Disinfection



Grillz & Design Work

Grillz & Design Work

Grillz Part 2

Grills that work (on overbite)

Grillz that do not work

Design Work Tips

Grill Waiver

Final Chapter

Suggested Pricing

Accepting Payments


Storing Products

Sourcing Supplies

Storing During A Heatwave

Ordering Supplies

Insurance and Liability

Waiver & Consent

Completion & Quiz